Easy Money

"Easy Money" is a play about the "return to work" process of the workers' compensation system in Ontario. Developed under the RAACWI umbrella, it brings to life research on the impact of the return to work on injured workers, their families, and their communities. The research on which it is based was done by Joan Eakin at the University of Toronto, and Ellen MacEachen and Judy Clarke from the Institute for Work & Health. As the title suggests, the play takes a satirical look at the misperception that injured workers prefer to rely on workers' compensation as a source of "easy money" rather than to work for a living. Written and directed by Kate Lushington and designed by Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, professional actors portray the frustration of many injured workers as they wade through the paper work, go through retraining, and deal with the deeming process.

One character in the play is particularly popular with audiences-the Deeming Fairy. With a wave of her wand, she magically transports injured workers into their new vocations-whether they have found jobs or not. As such, she characterizes the arbitrary and elusive aspect of deeming, which determines benefits based on work an injured worker has been deemed to be able to do rather than on actual work with a real pay cheque.

Easy Money has already been performed several times, raising laughter and a few eyebrows. Regardless of reactions to the play, there is no doubt it has been a compelling way to mobilize knowledge. RAACWI is looking for ways to fund future productions of this play and other theatre projects based on its research.

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